NCCET North Carolina Center for Engineering Technologies Appalachian State UniversityThe North Carolina Center for Engineering Technologies provides facilities for applied research in engineering related fields and serves as a conduit to baccalaureate education delivered by the University of North Carolina system schools.

Conceived as a community supported higher education effort in technical and engineering disciplines, this Center was established through a collaboration of business, government and higher education organized as the Future Forward Economic Alliance. The Center may collaborate with other schools in bringing the best programs to the region to meet the employment needs.


Future Engineer Camps Surveys are in!


If your child talked about the camp, what did s/he say about the experience?

  • He loved it! This was his third year and he is already talking about coming back next year.
  • My daughter absolutely loved your camp and can't wait to come back next year. Every day she came home and just gushed about the activities. The details in which she described the activities were proof that your teachers did a great job of explaining the science behind them.
  • Was happy to be chosen a leader and was rewarded with the beads.  He was able to connect with the camp workers and he looked up to them with a positive attitude.
  • She liked the hands on activities.
  • She enjoyed every single day!  She came home every day with a smile on her face and a lot to tell about the camp.
  • I want to come back next year.
  • My daughter loved camp and wants to do the experiments at home. It would be nice to have some instructions sent home at the end of camp with some ideas kids and parents can do over the summer.
  • He absolutely loved it!!He came home every day so excited to tell what he had done that day! I heard him say a lot, I want to go back next year!!
  • I was most pleased with the way he talked about and explained the science behind the activities that they did each day.  It wasn't just that he came home and said, "I had fun, Mommy."  He was excited about camp and shared info about the day and what he learned.  Each day seemed to get better and better.
  • My son was extremely excited about what he learned every day. He found it very interesting, fun and educational.
  • He said he really had fun and learned a lot.
  • He loved working with the Lego Mindstorm robots!
  • Excellent experience - loved building, robots, and rocket
  • He loved all the hands on activities, especially the robot.
  • He was excited each day to talk about the challenges he had with each task and how fun it was.
  • It was interesting and fun, but his group had some trouble communicating at times.
  • "He talked about Lego mind storm that he really liked it.
  • He also talked about having a friend that he had met last year and was teamed with him again. He also made a new friend. He talked about the robotic arm a lot.
  • He enjoyed the camp and is eager to go back next year."
  • My child stated he learned a lot about engineering especially the functions.
  • He enjoyed all the activities and described most all of them.
  • He talked about the robotics
  • He liked it and wants to go again next year.
  • Love the Mindstorm competition and working with a partner.  Overall experience with peers of comparable level/interest/talent was great.
  • He was very excited to attend every day.
  • Tanner said it was the best camp he has ever attended!  Tanner loved the robotics time the most but also really enjoyed the problem solving challenges you offered each day.  He said that loved being around other students who loved to learn and be challenged.  We are so thankful that you offered this camp - exposure to engineering at this age is wonderful!
  • She was excited about meeting a new friend, as she was a little concerned after the first day because she found out that her friend from last year was not attending.  She said that her most favorite part of the camp was the hands-on activities.  She would rather perform hands-on activities than play on the computer or program the robotics.  Of course, like last year...the food was AWESOME!  That is always the first thing she tells anyone who asks her how camp went.
  • He absolutely cannot wait to attend next year!  He was very excited to discuss what he had worked on each day, and very proud of his/their accomplishments.
  • She loved it, and loved building. Learned about teamwork.
  • had fun, talked about speaker with the talking robot, sumobots
  • He wished it could go all year round!
  • He loved making new friends and doing different "science" experiments.  he LOVED it every single day.
  • He was extremely excited about programing the robots and making the chap stick.
  • The rockets and egg drop
  • Rockets, robots
  • He loved it, was very engaging. No complaints--even having to get up at 6:00 AM every day to drive there.
  • She loved the catered food and teachers. She liked that it did expose her to different applications of engineering.
  • Enjoyed earning leadership beads. Had fun learning from all the instructors
  • He would tell us everything he did each day, who his partner was and what was for lunch.  He talked the most about the rockets and the robots and more that I just can't remember at this time.  Always had positive and exciting things to share about camp.
  • He loves it and wants to go all summer!!
  • He is always fascinated with the experiments that are done and LOVES the Robotic part of camp.
  • Enjoyed robots and experiments.
  • He was very excited about taking everyday items and using them to create great instruments.
  • Enjoyed tremendously!
  • loved it!!!!!
  • He absolutely loved it. He had a great group of kids that worked well together in his group. And his teachers were very positive, upbeat, and encouraging. He couldn't name a favorite activity -- He loved ALL of them!
  • "interesting assignments
  • good food!
  • fun partners
  • excited about going every day...and this was his second year"
  • It was awesome. Didn't want the week to end.  Liked to be kept busy (and engaged) all day.
  • The robots were the most popular and most talked about at our house.  Sam really liked working one on one with another child and invested in the collaboration attitude the staff promoted.  He liked the aspect of building the robot, programming and then the activities - the multiple parts helped hold his interest.
  • He learnt many new things. It was very interesting and liked being hands on. Would be great if lasted longer.
  • He became more interested in medical engineering, which he admitted he was not very interested in before.  Also enjoyed the kids who liked science as much as he did, and the idea of going to college.   Our son has taken a great interest in learning about robots and computer languages.  He asked for a computer instead of a game console and asked for a programming class in Python.  He is working on developing a computer game and looks for magazines on innovative ideas.  He enjoyed the problem solving aspects and learning the science concept behind the activity.


  • "Elizabeth loved working with her teachers and the other students on the learning that went with each activity.  She would come home each day telling us what concepts she learned, how they applied to engineering, and how the activity demonstrated the concepts. 
  • Her teachers this summer really listened to her and encouraged her."
  • Loved it - talked about Mindstorms and the team challenges a lot.
  • It's a challenge with my son; he likes the camp - he had more fun that he wanted to admit and finally yielded on that point, grudgingly.  But he's definitely one of those kids so overflowing with physical energy that academic settings are pure torture to him.  All the activities that require him to sit still and do the math and science behind the projects - certainly not beyond his academic reach - just make him want to be out in the sun swimming.  I've wondered frequently if there were an offering over the winter holidays if I'd have better luck with him.  All that said, it's most definitely been an enriching experience, and I can't thank the staff enough for working with me when I made a scheduling error and had to juggle.  Definitely an academic adventure and highlight - even if he doesn't quite appreciate it as much as I do!
  • Can't wait to attend the camp again.  Very much enjoyed every day - couldn't wait to arrive each morning!  Each day came home talking about the day's activities and all he had learned.


Do you have any other comments or suggestions related to the camp?

  • Keep being awesome!
  • This was the 2nd time attending this camp and he has truly enjoyed the experience.  He wants to continue with the camp for the rest of middle school and high school years.  Thank you for the opportunity to do this.
  • I would like to say that I am very grateful that he had the opportunity to attend the camp!! He has learned so much! Thanks to all who had a part in making this possible!!
  • I am so grateful to NCCET and your mission of math and science application.  He is still talking about the experience and sharing what he learned.
  • We were a late entry from the wait list and had trouble coming up with the money so quickly.  I wish I would have known more about the scholarship program and if were available for us.
  • It was a great experience for him. He's already looking forward to next year.
  • We are always impressed by the quality of the camp and how much our child enjoys going even though there is not anyone from our county attending.
  • No commits.
  • I hope it will continue for many years.  My children always enjoy it.
  • The main concern he voiced was that the team selections were not helpful. He thought the children from last year or who were in Robotics in their schools should be paired with children who had no experiences.
  • I just want to thank you, from a mother's heart... I appreciate your kindness in allowing her to receive a scholarship so that she could attend, as I just cannot afford it right now.  I am so thankful that I can still allow her to participate in these activities with your help, as she has scored in the 95-98% each year in the EOGs.  She works hard and deserves to participate in these activities and again, I am thankful she does not have to do without because of her mother's financial status.  I promise to pay it forward the wonderful kindness that you have extended to us!  God bless you!
  • This was a fantastic experience!  Peyton was challenged to solve problems within his team and would come home and continue to try and improve what projects he had worked on that day.  I am most impressed by the instructors.  When Ms. Roof was detailing what the children had to accomplish and how they had learn to work together at problem solving, I was so impressed! This camp taught these children more than how to construct a particular project, it taught valuable lessons about how to communicate and work together as a team. Great job to you all!
  • Please consider offering in Boone. So many kids could benefit there but cannot make the drive. The community has such a commitment and connection to ASU that it seems a shame that this program cannot easily benefit the primary ASU community.
  • Keep it up!  It has been a wonderful thing for my child.
  • "More simple math equations in the projects that show you have to do math sometime to develop products.  Compare a group that does actual calculations for a project with a group that does not do calculations.  Then, see which group gets to the final design first and see which works better.  Just a thought..."
  • Perhaps introduce water type engineering projects.  The variety each year is fantastic
  • I felt the communication from ASU was sparse. For example, there was no communication/reminders the week before the camp to remind parents of things. The parent event on Friday was not communicated well. And, when we submitted the initial forms online for camp there was no return email letting us know they had received everything, so I had to follow-up with them to ensure everything was received. The camp experience was awesome, from the staff, teachers, and other students. The administration aspect could be improved.
  • Very positive experience for my son. He has truly enjoyed attending the past 2 years and hopes to continue through the end of high school
  • Keep up the great work!
  • It's wonderfully organized and so professional. This was his second year attending and he is already talking about next year!
  • Great job!  I am so happy that my child attended for a second year and was able to experience new things each year.
  • Possibility of weekend camps, holiday camps, teacher workday camps as options since he cannot stop talking about his experience.
  • Our two sons have attended a total of three camps and look forward to more.  The camp is organized, well-staffed, and has high expectations of the children - a recipe for success.   You are having an impact on their development and career expectations.  Thank you.
  • Wondering if there is a way to connect with other families to car pool prior to camp starting?
  • I think the camp is fantastic.  My only struggle is that it's going on at the same time as the outdoor 'fun' camp my son has attended since he was 6.  It kills him that he misses a week of that camp to do 'school stuff.'  If you ever explore the option of holding winter or spring holiday sessions, I'm all in!
  • A wonderful experience.  My child came away with such an understanding of the engineering process and continues to incorporate his newly learned skills in everyday activities.  The only suggestion I have is to make camp a little longer each day, so the kids can do more activities!

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